Ammar Ahmed

Department of Architecture

An Erratic Act: A Solo Descent into an Altered Landscape

In geology, an erratic is a rock that differs in size and variety from those native to its resting place, oftentimes having been moved by glaciers over large distances. When the glacier melts, the rock is deposited in a foreign location. It is matter out of place, but somehow of the place.

The site of inquiry is a recently decommissioned granite quarry in coastal Maine. If things take their usual course, the old quarry is up for either a cover-up or abandonment. The thesis considers the afterlife of this altered landscape through the workings of a singular, external agent, an architect, or more appropriately, a student of the discipline. It’s a staging of solo acts in the wake of an extractivist history with its own numerous actors and stakeholders. What does it take to create a room for one’s self in this abandon, and more fittingly perhaps in architecture?

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