Alexander Kobald

Department of Architecture

Ad Astra: Designing Future Archaeologies

“Ad Astra” translates as “to the stars”, a romantic harkening to the human ambition and desire to interrogate and surpass the physical and intellectual boundaries of our world. The subtitle, “Designing Future Archaeologies” alludes to a methodology of producing these futures and unlocking the design knowledge available in them.  This architecture is a story. It takes place aboard a spaceship carrying 800 passengers travelling for 800 years to the Trappist 1 system. The story is told through a narrative, describing the fictional history of a speculated future. The narrative is driven by three contrived events that propel the plot of the story of the Theseus II: a ship/architecture that remakes itself from within in response to the changing social priorities and characters of its inhabitants. The result is a ship, 400 years in the future, dedicated to the production of knowledge within an architecture formed by the contingencies, variabilities and randomness of its speculated history.

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