Ali Al-Sammarraie

Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Planning Autonomous Evacuation for Access and Flood Resilience

The research proposed an integrated 5-step framework on the Everett-Malden resilience district that provided 10-minute access to evacuation to over 8,000 individuals who are otherwise disconnected in a flood event. The potential application of AV connection systems exposed development opportunities for otherwise-car-occupied land uses bringing significant benefits for the city, public officials, and private developers. On the larger Boston area, the magnifying impacts of the framework can be estimated to benefit over 26,700 households, providing quick means to shelter for over 292,000 individuals.

This thesis provides pragmatic analysis of the possible AVCs and AVs evacuation application, and looks at the immediate land uses with high impacts by AV implementation. The goal is to aid in the advancement and integration of technology, evacuation, and resilience planning in order to achieve a better understanding of truly resilient towns and cities.

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