Anne Graziano

Department of Architecture

Towards a New Art of Reading

Reading has a long history, marked with shifts in inscription and language and with evolutions in the architectural typology of the library and reading room. Reading is not absolute, but rather fluid and layered. Reading builds on itself, overlapping and looping back at times in order to move forward; future forms sometimes foreshadowed within prior periods of readership and media.  

How, and what we read, changes over time.

Within these shifts, resides a reciprocity between literary reading and architectural reading. Emergent forms of Affective Reading aim to merge these readings as a way to reimagine the affective and ambient qualities of experience, and it is in this realm that architecture is poised for significant change. The thesis inhabits this realm, testing and imagining forms in which architecture embodies this reciprocity towards an evolved readership, Towards a New Art of Reading, Affective Reading.

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