Cindy Liu

Department of Architecture

Interaction Design and Healthcare: A Mobile Experience for Engaging with Personal Health Records

One of the innate challenges of primary healthcare is the transfer of information from expert to patient, the root of a myriad of problems relating to medical noncompliance and suboptimal care. While health data has become increasingly accessible today via online portals and apps, patients still struggle to understand the information and its implications. Studies on current systems emphasize a lack of user-friendliness and stickiness (nearly 80% of mobile applications are abandoned after two weeks).

This thesis proposes a unique mobile web experience that addresses current gaps and refocuses on the fundamental user needs of the patient from an interaction design perspective. I specifically narrow in on the common experience of receiving laboratory test results from a routine check-up. Based on user research and design principles, this concept aims to help patients better consume, comprehend, and activate on their health data, as well as demonstrate the increasing value of design in the industry and in an increasingly digital world.

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