Daniel Garcia

Department of Architecture

Pedagogy & Space: Towards a Heuristic Architecture

This thesis speculates on the agency that architecture has to become a pedagogical tool and the ability to transform as pedagogy continues to evolve. The rural context becomes the platform for this new typology of schools that can allow small communities to construct and adapt their learning environments. This requires a new form of architectural practice that can work with rural towns to re-imagine how to design for new and existing schools by taking more stock in design decisions and the implications those have for planned and unplanned learning. Such a school would define itself as a heuristic architecture that moves past notions of ‘classrooms in a school’ to the ‘school as a classroom’. Through the story of Sebastian, Texas, the design explores the adaptation of rural archetypes such as tall vertical grain silos and long horizontal warehouses, transforming these typologies from grain production to brain production.

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