Darle Shinsato

Department of Architecture

Adversarial Interiors: A Home Security System in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Adversarial Interiors is a home security system in the age of surveillance capitalism.  The thesis is an investigation and resultant series of design strategies in response to the new and lucrative behavioral futures market.  In light of the recent launches of recording devices such as Amazon Echo Show and Facebook Portal, this thesis questions the future implications of the profiling and monetization of spatial information.  Personal preferences, tendencies, and subjective desires are being quantified, mined and sold across the online market.

Without adequate knowledge of these future consequences, individuals are willingly capturing video footage, generating spatial data, and feeding information into systems of the surveillance economy.  In response to the rise of smart home devices, this thesis offers methods for introducing artifacts, blindness and disguise (the addition, omission and obscuring of information by design) in order to provide tools for a new era of domestic privacy.

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