Paul Short

Department of Architecture

It Is Not About the Car

Today’s debate on the car is a paradox, where the car is absent from its own future. Yet cities appear to be experiencing the opposite; there has been growth in the number of cars. Multiple discourses of the car - self-driving cars, fossil fuel alternative vehicles, a shift to public transit – circumvent or obscure the fact that today people are increasingly reliant on car usage, and this trend domestically and abroad is only increasing.

My thesis examines this existential problem of the car. It presumes that the current tradition of vehicle usage will persist and even grow in the future, and sees this as a fundamental challenge to the future of Boston’s urban quality. Taking up the wide ‘chasm’ opened by the i-90 as its site, this thesis proposes to reconnect a fractured city and assuage the surrounding form the congestion of the car.

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